Mixed Reality Piano Concert

Mixed Reality Concert of Piano and Meta Quest Pro during Joint Conference on Serious Games (JCSG) 2023, featuring renowned international pianist and composer Dr Svetlana Rudenko. The event is hosted by the School of Computer Science and Statistics and the Music Composition Centre, Music Department, Trinity College Dublin. It is a Haunted Planet Studios Production.

Dreaming has long been a source of creative inspiration for artists, composers, writers and scientists. Composers like Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn and Amy Beach and were inspired by dreams; surrealists like Dali, Magritte, de Chirico (and many others) explored the unconscious through art and dreams. Writers like Hugo, Nodier (and many others) engaged with dreams in literature; and pioneers in psychoanalysis, like Freud and Jung, approached dreaming academically to begin to understand the human psyche. Today, neuroscientists explore the biology and physicality of the dreaming process, while all humans ask: What is dreaming? What does this subjective experience mean for each of us? What role does it play in our conscious and unconscious experience?

Daydreaming with Mixed Reality (MR) engages with the human experience of dreaming through art, music and consciousness science. Using cutting-edge Mixed Reality technology we approach dreaming like surrealist paintings: experiences that reside halfway between the visible and the invisible. Mixed Reality concept is uniquely suited for this purpose, because it positions the audience not within a virtual world (like VR technology does) but in a liminal space that blends the real with the un-real, the conscious with the unconscious, the physical world with the world of dreams. We will showcase three interactive MR experiences for Meta Quest Pro headset, which will be projected to the screen for audience view in a live performance with a Piano. MR app features an interactive 3D environment inspired by works of art, music and narration. For individual use the MR app user takes on the role of Dream Conductor of the scene, interacting with the elements to activate layers of music, narration and visuals.


  • S. Rachmaninov Selected Preludes Op. 32 MR
  • Georgio de Chirico Metaphysical Art MR with Music compositions by Dr Svetlana Rudenko
  • Alice Dali MR (Chapters 2, 11 and 12). Music compositions on art of Salvador Dali for Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.
  • Narration and talk by Prof. Mads Haahr, School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin.

Credits: Prof. Mads Haahr (Creative Director of Haunted Planet Studios), Dr. Svetlana Rudenko (Concept Development, Composition, Audio-Visual Design and Piano), Xiangpeng Fu (3D Design and Modelling, MR Software Development and Performance)

Time: Thursday, 26th October 2023, at 6pm.
Place: Boydell Recital Hall, House 5, Trinity College Dublin.
Entry: Free (included with JCSG registration, extra seats available through Eventbrite)